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Kerry Parsons never expected her hobby of planning events would turn into anything more than that, but now she’s leading she’s leading Sherwood Park biggest wedding and event planning agency, Bride on a Budget and Events Squad.

“It started off with me just helping out three friends with their weddings,” said Parsons. “The next year, I was doing 14 weddings and the next year it grew to 45. It really grew by leaps and bounds.”

Her passion for planning events has led Parsons to have two cover two niches. With Bride on a Budget, her and her five staff plan weddings in the area, co-ordinating everything from photographers, to catering, venues, rentals, decorating, flowers and much more. With Events Squad, staff apply their expertise to every other type of event, from corporate events to Christmas parties and golf tournaments.

“We are a one stop shop for event planning of any kind,” Parsons said. “Everything you could possibly need, we have or have a contact for. Need a bag piper? I’ve got one of those!”

Whether it is a wedding or a corporate event, your event will be handled from start to finish by either Bride on a Budget or Events Squad.

“We start with all the pre-planning and we are there with our clients all the way including the day of the event to make sure everything runs perfectly smoothly,” she said.

Parsons is very proud of what she’s been able to achieve with her company and said the success comes from the passion that she and her staff have for what they do.

“Our staff really focus on forming strong relationships with our clients and really getting to know them. Knowing our clients so well allows us to customize the events to fit exactly what they want and it allows us to be very creative,” Parsons said.

Although event planning is a lot of work, the best part of the job is seeing how the hard work pays off.

“The outcome is always my favourite part. When you get to see your vision come to life, it makes all the hard work worth it,” she said.