• Communications

    I focus on the fundamentals of communication — opening up dialogue, spreading useful messages and telling the community about organizations and businesses. I will work with you to develop a comprehensive and strategic plan, including media and public relations, social media, branding and more. This document will outline the strengths and weaknesses of your communications structure and will guide your organization moving forward.<br><br>

    I put a high value on external communications — disseminating useful information to those outside of your organization or business. This is useful in raising awareness, attracting new clients or volunteers and celebrating your achievements.<br><br>

    My other area of expertise is internal communications — keeping your staff, partners and stakeholders in the loop and generating conversation about the great things that are happening.

    I use a combination of many methods of achieving your communication goals — think newsletters, brochures, social media, news releases, mailouts and much more.

    • Strategic communications auditing and planning
    • Writing/layout/design of print and online materials

Policy development related to communications
Identity and branding development

    • Public relations and engagement
    • Social Media auditing and plannng