Content Creation

I focus on one thing and one thing only – making sure your website has well-written, engaging and informative content so that you can meet all of your goals.


    Launching a new site for your business or project? Looking for fresh content to go with a redesigned site? I’ll work with you to develop your message, ensuring it is accurate and concise. I’ll work with you to design a site map to help display your content effectively. The final product will be a well-written site that will grab the attention of its readers.

    Is your website too wordy, confusing or vague? Does it just lack the message you want it to get across? Editing services start with an audit of the current content on the website. Then it’s on to editing and rewriting. Once you’re completely satisfied with the new content, I’ll replace it throughout your site.

    Looking to gain a social media following or bring more traffic to your site through blog posts? I’d love to help you with that too. I can either ghostwrite the articles for you or edit posts that you have written to make them snappy and easy to read.

    Whenever I write a blog post or a web page, I write it with SEO in mind. SEO is as important to your website as grammar and spelling. Getting search engine traffic is essential and I’m here to make the complex algorithms and procedures easy for you.