County Clothesline advertising feature

In the 30 years that the County Clothesline has been serving the community, they’ve done a lot to be proud of, most notably the $1.6 million they have given back to charities, community groups, foundations and scholarships.

“Without the generosity of the community, we’d never have been able to be this successful,” said executive director Freda Badry. “The giving nature of the community has allowed us to give so much back.”

To celebrate their 30th anniversary, they are hosting a store extravaganza on Saturday, Nov. 1. They will offer door prizes, sales and other giveaways.

“We’re excited to show the community how much we appreciate their support,” said Badry.

For the past three decades, the County Clothesline has taken donations from Strathcona County residents, which they then sell in their Sherwood Park store. The proceeds of all the sales go back into the community through a variety of difference channels.

They have granted money to the Arts Society of Strathcona County, the Robin Hood Foundation, A Safe Place, SAFFRON, Linking Generations and the Information and Volunteer Centre, to name just a few.

“We’ve had requests from service clubs and other local groups who need some seed money to get started. We’ve helped build playgrounds. We’ve funded an apprenticeship program,” said Badry. The apprenticeship program grants scholarships to apprentices who are either living or working in Strathcona County, so it helps both local residents and businesses.

The County Clothesline also partners with non-profits such as A Safe Place to offer their goods in times of need.

“If a woman and her family are in an emergency situation and they need to leave their home quickly and can’t gather clothing, A Safe Place send them to us to get clothing and essentials for her and her children free of charge,” Badry said.

They also work with the fire department and offer a similar service to families who have been victims of fires.

The organization relies of donations from the community. They accept clothing, small household items, dishes, seasonal items, antiques, school supplies and games. They don’t accept mattresses or box springs, any large furniture, car seats or televisions.