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If you literally need the weight lifted off your shoulders, to unwind in a completely weightless environment or to reach the pinnacle of relaxation, Sherwood Park now has the perfect place for you – Float Wellness.

The new spa offers float therapy, which is gaining popularity for its results in relaxation, chronic pain relief, speeding up of recovery from injury, boosting the immune system, improving sleep quality and much more.

“Float Therapy is very beneficial for diminishing stress, fatigue and anxiety. It is also very helpful for anyone who has chronic pain, fibromyalgia or arthritis and more,” said owner Laara Delain.

How float therapy works is by putting the body in a state that is free of all of the distracting senses. Clients lay in a pod that is filled with a shallow layer of body-temperature water that is loaded with epsom salts. The salts allow the body to float and with the temperature of the water and air the same as your body, you achieve a sensation of being weightless. You can choose whether you want the float to be totally dark and silent, or if you would like to have LED light therapy and soft music playing while you float. The result is a 90-minute escape from reality that feels different for everyone who tries it.

“I had a client tell me that when he floats, he gives all of his problems, aches and pains to the water and he just lets them go,” said Laara. “And I loved that because it’s so true. There’s really nothing like it. You can just completely let go.”

Laara, also a registered massage therapist and yoga teacher, has been floating since the mid-90s and recently decided float therapy was something she needed to share with Sherwood Park residents.

She said it has been very popular with the large number of shift workers that live in the area. Floating resets the body’s internal clock, which helps people transition back to their normal schedules after working night shifts, she said. Navy SEALS also use the same i-Sopod float tanks to recover from sleep deprivation and get their body synched back to their natural schedule after long operations.

Float Wellness has three state of the art i-Sopod float tanks and also offers registered massage therapy for its clients. They are currently offering float therapy with a 90-minute massage for $159 or three float therapy sessions for $108.