Media Relations

  • Media Relations

    Here’s a test. Pick up a newspaper and flip it open to any particular page. What is the first thing you notice? A catchy headline at the top of the page? Probably. An eye-catching photo in the centre of the page? Also likely. An ad tucked away at the bottom of the page? Probably not.

    If you want exposure through a newspaper, paying for advertising is not the best bang for your buck. People read news – both in print and online – to find content that affects them.
    Every organization has stories that they should be sharing with the media.

    My job is to train organizations to realize what those stories are and share them in a way that is interesting and exciting for readers, while sticking with the organization’s goals and image.

    Whether you have a media release already written, or you’d like me to write one for you, I can get it to the media that matters across Alberta and Canada.

    • Development of media release ideas
    • Writing and distribution of media releases
Photography to accompany media releases

    • Media training
    • Media crisis protocol